<aside> 💡 As a huge tech & productivity nerd, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect tools - be it software or hardware - to help me in my everyday life. This page is an always up-to-date list of my favorite ones - digital and physical.


<aside> 🕖 Last updated: Sep 11, 2022 (Added some new productivity apps like Raycast and Shottr as well as exchanged Zapier with Make.com)


<aside> 👋🏻 Hello friend! I'm Ben and I created this hub page for myself but also for people I work with or teach, to share my resources, tools and other helpful information around the topics I work with every day.

Questions? Additions? Just wanna chat? Tell me about a project you need help on? Just shoot me a message at → [email protected]


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My Digital Tool Stack

The following digital tools are what keeps me productive and working in the various fields I have projects in.

My Physical Tech Stack

The following physical tools and gadgets are part of my daily office for various tasks. Yes, sometimes that even involves some gaming or VR. 🙈